Unlocking the Possibilities of iPhone & Android with the FUJIFILM GFX 100S

Piper O'Shanassy02 Jan 2023

The FUJIFILM GFX 100S is a revolutionary mirrorless digital medium format camera that has been gaining attention for its impressive image quality and versatile system. It offers photographers the flexibility to connect with both iPhone and Android devices, allowing them to capture images from their phone and upload them directly onto the GFX 100s. Alongside this, it also enables easy sharing of photos on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. With comprehensive features like these, combined with an extensive range of lens options available, any photographer – ranging from hobbyists all the way up to professionals – can explore new possibilities in photography with this powerful yet user-friendly device!

What is the FUJIFILM GFX 100S?

The FUJIFILM GFX 100S is a powerful medium format camera that has taken the market by storm. It offers an unparalleled level of performance for professional photographers, with features like 16-bit raw files and 4K video recording capabilities. In addition to those impressive specs, one of the most convenient aspects of this system is its ability to connect to both iPhones and Android devices. This lets users transfer photos from their camera straight onto their device – no more taking memory cards out every time they want new images! With this capability, it’s even easier than ever before to keep your photography workflow streamlined and efficient.

What does the FUJIFILM GFX 100S do?

The FUJIFILM GFX 100S is an advanced digital camera that offers a wide range of features and functions. It can easily connect to iPhones, iPads, Android devices and other smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. With this connection, you'll be able to control the device remotely from your smartphone as well as sharing images directly with others over social media platforms such as Facebook. This allows for faster access to photos taken on the GXF 100S so they can be shared straight away without lengthy upload times! Additionally, you can also download applications like Adobe Photoshop Express which allow you access even more editing capabilities right from your phone making it easier than ever before do customize images and create amazing memories with them!

Connecting to iPhone & Android

The FUJIFILM GFX 100S is a powerful digital camera that can be connected to both iPhone and Android devices. Connecting your device makes it easy to share photos and videos with family, friends or social media without the hassle of transferring them manually via memory cards or USB cable. To connect, first make sure you have downloaded the Fujifilm Camera Remote application on your smartphone – available for both iOS and Android users in their respectively App Store and Google Play store. Once installed, ensure Bluetooth has been enabled on your phone’s settings menu as well as Wi-Fi before establishing an initial connection between two devices by scanning QR code displayed on the LCD screen from Camera Remote app. Using this method ensures all data remains private within those particular two devices only; making secure wireless image transfer possible so you can take advantage of sharing images almost anytime anywhere!

Steps for connecting to an iPhone or Android device

Connecting your FUJIFILM GFX 100S to a smartphone or tablet is easy and straightforward. To do so, you’ll need the Fujifilm Camera Remote app installed from either the Apple App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Store (for Android devices). Once that's done, open up the Settings tab on your camera. Under Communications settings turn on Wi-Fi connectivity and select Start/Stop Registration for Smartphone Connection. Finally launch the app, go into Setup mode and follow through with its instructions to connect it directly with your GFX 100s via Bluetooth® technology – no additional hardware required! With a linked device in tow now all of those photos shot by Fuji can be wirelessly transferred over without any hitch at all - no cords necessary!

Benefits of connecting to an iPhone or Android device

Connecting an iPhone or Android device to the FUJIFILM GFX 100S can open up a whole new realm of possibilities for photographers. Not only does connecting provide access to features such as remote shooting, wireless file transferring and even adding non-interchangeable lens cameras into smart devices; but it also allows users to have more control over their photographic experience by customizing various settings from afar without having direct contact with the camera itself. Additionally, connected smartphones are compatible with image editing applications so that you're able edit your photos in real time directly on your phone! With this feature comes improved convenience and peace of mind when transporting sensitive data internationally. The integration between devices provides an unprecedented level of freedom within photography allowing photographers ultimate accessibility right at their fingertips.

Troubleshooting tips

Connecting to an iPhone or Android on the FUJIFILM GFX 100S can be a bit tricky as it is not your typical Bluetooth/WiFi connection. To help you troubleshoot any difficulties, here are some tips: First, make sure that both devices have the latest operating systems and versions of their respective apps (i.e., for iPhones it would be iOS 13 and for Androids Pie 9). Next, ensure that all necessary settings such as Location Services and Mobile Data are enabled with proper permissions given so the two devices can communicate effectively. Finally, check if there’s any interference from other Wi-Fi networks which may hinder connectivity between these two items - if this is detected try moving away from those particular areas before attempting another pairing attempt again!


In conclusion, connecting to an iPhone or Android device via the FUJIFILM GFX 100S is a relatively simple process. With the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities on both devices, users can now easily share photos from their camera with friends and family no matter what type of mobile device they are using. By following these easy troubleshooting tips outlined above, most issues related to connectivity should be resolved quickly so that photographers can start sharing amazing images right away!

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

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