Unlock Your Nikon D6's Flash Power – Here's How!

Piper O'Shanassy01 Jan 2023

Introducing the Nikon D6, an advanced DSLR camera capable of capturing stunning images with its impressive array of features. The Nikon D6 is equipped with a built-in flash that can help you capture beautiful portraits and creative photos in low light environments. In this blog post we'll show you how to turn on and off the flash on your new Nikon D6 – so get ready to start shooting!

What is the Nikon D6?

The Nikon D6 is a professional DSLR camera designed to provide photographers with superior image quality, performance, and reliability. It features an impressive 20.8MP CMOS full-frame sensor that captures stunning stills or 4K UHD movies from wide angles up to ISO 51200. The Nikon D6 also has built-in flash capabilities for photography in low light or high contrast scenarios making it very versatile for any situation. To turn the flash on and off simply press the Flash Mode button located at the end of grip side on top of your controller unit; selecting Auto Flash Exposure will automatically activate your onboard flash—a great feature if you're just starting out!

How to Turn On the Built-in Flash

Turning on the built-in flash of your Nikon D6 is an essential part of any photographic journey. It provides a powerful light source to help bring out color and detail, even in dark locations or situations with low natural lighting. To turn it on: first make sure that you're in shooting mode (not playback) by rotating the main command dial until "P", "S" , “A” or “M” comes up; press the Flash Button marked with a lightning icon located near the middle of camera's back side; then choose from one of three options available - single shot, slow sync., and rear curtain – whichever best fits your creative vision for this specific moment . When finished using its burst of illumination, simply press down again to switch off. With just these few steps you'll be ready to jump into photography!

How to Adjust the Flash Output

Adjusting the flash output of a Nikon D6 is easy and can be done quickly, even in low-light scenarios. To turn on the built-in flash, press the Flash Mode button on your camera's top control panel. Then choose either Auto or Manual mode from the available options. If you select Manual mode, adjust to desired intensity levels by pressing the + / - buttons next to it. When finished with shooting images requiring additional illumination, make sure to remember turning off your flash by pressing once again Flash Mode button and selecting OFF option from menu which appears at display monitor’s information bar .

How to Use External Speedlites with your Nikon D6

Using an external flash (speedlite) with your Nikon D6 is a great way to get more creative with your photography. But before you can start using the speedlite, you first need to know how to turn it on and off. Turning on/off the flash for your Nikon D6 is relatively straightforward—simply press and hold down the “Flash” button located towards the bottom of camera's body until either “On” or “Off” appears in green text at top left corner of display screen. Once set appropriately, pressing shutter release will cause speedlight synchronized firing when enabled; otherwise no light emission from this device as shooting proceeds further normally after confirming readiness beforehand visually via rear LCD monitor as well subsequently adjusting other settings accordingly if necessary prior execution when all conditions are specified correctly already established ahead into memory during pre-shoot configuration earlier saved then being loaded back up quickly upon powering again later whenever resumed because same configurations were stored permanently according these personalized preferences easily recalled effectively going forward now onward each time repeating over perpetually saving precious minutes eventually reutilizing valuable moments practically efficiently while enabling unrestricted creativity free forming organically growing furthermore exploring comfortably seasoned personal experiences enriching lives consequently affecting others positively multiple folds returning value metrics measured quantifiably defined ultimately ensuring success thrive together prosperously!

How to Turn off the Flash

Turning off the flash on your Nikon D6 is really simple and quick. To turn it off, locate the on/off switch which can usually be found near the Hot Shoe mount of your camera body. Once you find that switch, simply slide it to 'Off' - this will disable the built-in flash from firing with each shot taken. If you want to use an external Speedlite instead, just make sure that its corresponding on/off switch is set to "Off" too! This way, when using a Speedlite with your D6's attachment foot area (the same one used for attaching other accessories like remote triggers), nothing will fire even if its power output has been adjusted upwards in manual mode or TTL/iTTL etc.. That's all there is to disabling both internal & external flashes; easy as pie!

Tips for Using Flash with Your Nikon D6

If you have a Nikon D6, learning how to properly use the flash is an important skill. Luckily, it’s easy to turn on and off flash quickly with your camera by using either manual mode or automatic settings. To manually control the flash settings on a Nikon D6, simply switch your shooting mode from “Auto” to “M/Manual Flash Set/Flash Control” in order for you to access more precise and adjustable settings that allow you full creative control of your photos taken with the built-in pop-up strobe feature. Depending upon what kind of photo effect that want within seconds after pressing down the shutter button located at top right corner for taking pictures will activate internal flashes such as Auto (TTL) so if don't need external lighting just leave it alone otherwise switch between distinct Manual modes including Off setting which completely shutting down all types Flash triggering same time turning Automatic TTL firing back On again once desired results achieved indoors outdoors when needed most times due valid range limitations set forth cameras sensors capturing scenes accurately while providing extra lens flares sparkle images contents highly recommend both readers before moving along next article throughout series helpful recommendations getting shots become recognized professionals until then thanks advance stay tuned further tips tricks help better understand products available today market!


In conclusion, the Nikon D6 is a great camera to use if you are looking for an easy way to turn on or off your flash. You can accomplish this by pressing the “i” button at the top of your camera and selecting either Auto Flash On (AFO) mode or Manual Flash Off (MFL) mode. With these simple steps, using flash with your Nikon D6 has never been easier!

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper grew up with a love of animals, which quickly turned into a love of photographing them. She shares her tips and tricks on photography, and hopes she can help you shortcut your expansion of a passion.

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