Simple Steps to Connecting Your Sigma FP to Any iPhone or Android Device

Piper O'Shanassy02 Jan 2023

The Sigma fp is a revolutionary new camera that connects to both iPhones and Android devices, allowing users to capture high-quality photos or videos remotely. With the advanced connectivity options offered by the Sigma fp, you can control your phone's shutter from anywhere—all while capturing stunning images with its wide range of lenses. Whether you're shooting long exposures at night or closeup shots in bright daylight, this truly innovative device offers limitless possibilities when it comes to creating amazing visuals.

Overview of the Sigma fp

The Sigma fp is an innovative camera that has the capability to connect to both iPhone and Android devices. It allows you to take photos, edit them on your phone or tablet, and share with others. With its Bluetooth Low Energy technology, it makes fast connection times possible for seamless picture taking/editing experience. The device also features a powerful processor which can process RAW files quickly so users don’t have to wait around for their images. This combination of tech-savvy design gives photographers all they need in one small package!

What you need to connect your iphone to Sigma fp

Connecting your iPhone and Android device to the Sigma fp is a simple process. First, download either the SIGMA LINK for iOS or Android from their respective app stores. After installation, open up SIGMA LINK on both devices and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on them. Tap ‘Connect’ once it appears in both apps; you should now be connected! The connection will stay active until one of them loses power, so you may need to reconnect again if this occurs. Finally, with the two devices paired together via Bluetooth they can communicate wirelessly with each other while providing image transfer capabilities between them like moving photos over Wi-Fi quickly and easily –perfect photographers who love sharing content fast!

How to connect your iphone to Sigma fp

Connecting your iPhone to the Sigma fp is incredibly easy and straightforward. All you need to do is download the Sigma fp app for iOS from Apple’s App Store, then open it up on your device and follow the steps outlined. Once you’ve got that set up, connect your phone or tablet (Android or iOS) via Bluetooth to start transferring files between them quickly and easily. The connection should be secure and stable, allowing users to transfer photos effortlessly in no time at all! Enjoy a seamless experience when capturing memories with friends while travelling!

What you need to connect your Android to Sigma fp

Connecting your Android device to the Sigma fp camera can be a great way to extend the functionality of this popular and powerful camera. While it is generally easier to connect an iPhone, due to its integration with Apple’s ProRAW format, connecting an Android phone isn't too difficult either. To get started, you'll need both devices on hand –- as well as some additional hardware such as a USB cable or SD card adapter – depending on how far you'd like to take your connection. Depending on what type of device ports are available in each device (USB Type A/B vs microUSB), make sure that they are compatible before proceeding further. Using Wi-Fi may also be possible if needed; however, having all necessary cables at hand ensures that no issues arise during setup. With these components available by which data can flow between smartphone and camera smoothly, setting up connections across both platforms becomes much less daunting!

How to connect your Android to Sigma fp

Connecting your Android device to the Sigma fp is possible and easier than ever before. All you need is a USB-C or MicroUSB cable, depending on what model of phone you have. Once plugged into one of the ports on your Sigma fp camera body, open up your settings app and look for 'Connect to Camera'. Tap this option and then select “Sigma” as the connecting camera type. It will ask you if it's ok to connect which prompt should be selected with yes - after that everything else happens automatically! Your photos will now transfer directly from your Android smartphone straight over to any folder located in MFT drive connected to an external monitor via HDMI port found at backside of Sigma FP body – no need for wifi nor additional memory cards.

Tips for getting the most out of the Sigma connection feature

Connecting your iPhone or Android device to the Sigma fp is a great way of optimizing your shooting experience. With just one button, you can wirelessly transfer images and videos from the camera to any compatible iOS/Android mobile devices while enjoying greater control over every aspect of capture and playback. To really make the most out of this convenient feature, be sure that all settings are correctly configured both on your smartphone’s connection menus as well as within who Sigma Camera app itself; making it fast and easy for image sharing without ever having to worry about cables or memory cards. Enjoy fast transfers at up to 4x speeds than standard Bluetooth connections — allowing you even more time behind lens rather than in front if a computer screen!


The Sigma fp is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly and easily connect their iPhone or Android device. With the ability to transfer videos and photos, as well as make use of the advanced features from third-party applications, it’s an incredibly versatile piece of technology for both ambitious amateurs and professional cinematographers alike. Whether you're streaming your footage in real time for monitoring purposes or simply taking advantage of its broad range of connectivity options available on different devices, the Sigma fp makes connecting with all multimedia platforms seamless - making it easier than ever before to capture stunning visuals no matter which platform you choose!

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

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