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Piper O'Shanassy03 Jan 2023

The FUJIFILM X100V is a powerful digital camera that offers users an array of features. One great feature it has to offer is the ability to connect both iPhone and Android devices wirelessly through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. This allows you to easily transfer photos, videos, and other data directly from your device without having to first use a USB cable. With just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet's screen, you can quickly get connected with the X100V while also enjoying all its amazing photo capabilities!

Overview of the Fujifilm X100V

The FUJIFILM X100V is the latest model in Fujifilm's highly regarded family of digital cameras. With its impressive features, users can easily connect to iPhone and Android devices for transferring photos and videos quickly with minimal effort. Not only does it come with an innovative dual SD card slot system, but also has built-in Wi-Fi which allows for quick connection to your smartphone or tablet device from up to 10 meters away. Additionally, a USB charging port enables you charge either your camera battery or other electronic devices directly from the FUJIFILM X100V itself making longer photo shooting trips easier than ever before!

Connecting your iPhone to the Fujifilm X100V

Connecting the Fujifilm X100V to your iPhone or Android device is relatively easy. The first step is to install the free FUJIFILM Camera Remote app on your phone. Once installed, you’ll need to turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sharing settings on in both devices, connect them via a pairing code displayed in each unit's screens, and then use the app as an interface for controlling certain aspects of shooting remotely from your phone. With this setup complete, you can access files stored inside the camera itself (including RAWs) directly from within Photos/Gallery apps of iOS & Android with no further action necessary - making image transfer quick and efficient!

Connecting your Android to the Fujifilm X100V

Connecting your Android device to the Fujifilm X100V is just as easy – and often even more user-friendly! To get started, locate the camera's USB port on its base. Then connect your Android phone or tablet via a suitable cable (usually a microUSB to full USB). Your device should be recognized automatically by the camera; if this doesn't happen straight away, toggle airplane mode off in settings. When prompted for permission on both devices, it's time to go ahead and transfer photos from one to another using either Wi-Fi Direct connectivity or Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology. You can also use Pulse Transfer Protocol (PTP) transfers through dedicated imaging apps like FUJIFILM Camera Remote app available for download in Google Play Store . Voila!

What Can You Do with Your Connected Device?

The FUJIFILM X100V camera has a wide range of features and capabilities for connecting to both iPhone and Android devices, allowing photographers to access the full potential of their digital cameras. With this connection established on your device, you can take advantage of unique tools such as remote shooting with the Fujifilm Camera Remote app or sharing images directly from your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, you can use location information obtained through GPS-enabled smartphone apps when photographing scenery in distant places. By taking photos within specific boundaries defined by landmarks gathered from social media posts taken nearby locations will enable you to create more impactful artwork that is much more meaningful than using general coordinates found online map services!

Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Connection

Making the most out of your FUJIFILM X100V connected device can seem daunting, but by taking advantage of its wireless capabilities you open up an entirely new range of possibilities. Connecting to both iPhone and Android devices is simple enough—with just a few steps needed to start pairing them together. Firstly, on the camera’s LCD screen navigate to Wi-fi Setup > Station or Infrastructure mode depending on what type of mobile connection you have available nearby; then in Smart Remote App go into ‘Connect Camera’ and select either WiFi SSID (your home network) or Direct Connection according to which one works best for your device/location. Once that’s done, follow instructions given from within this app and begin syncing files between phone & camera through selecting Copy Photos To Device option! With careful planning ahead it won't take long until all those beautiful photos taken using X100V will be stored forever onto smartphone gallery - ready for easy immediate sharing with friends & family across world wide web!


Connecting your FUJIFILM X100V camera to both an iPhone and Android device is pretty straightforward. Once the connection is established, you can easily transfer photos and videos from your camera to your phone with just a few taps. To get started, make sure you have downloaded the Fujifilm Camera Remote app on either iOS or Android, then simply follow the instructions in this blog post for connecting as smoothly as possible. With these tips in mind, we hope that connecting between devices has become easier than ever!

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

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