How To Put On a Camera Strap

Piper O'Shanassy18 Apr 2022

Owning your camera is among the best things you can have. Whether you are a professional photographer or simply a photography enthusiast, a great camera can make a big difference, and the greatest part is that you can carry it with you wherever you go.

DSLRs, however, aren't like phone cameras. They are large, bulky, and usually require support. This is why a strap is included in the package, and if you want to know how to properly attach and put on a camera strap, we've got you covered.

It's a pretty straightforward process but you'll be surprised to find out that many still fail to do it the right way that they end up with a camera slipping out of the strap, and eventually breaking, or being uncomfortable carrying their camera because they didn't put it on right.

How to Attach a Camera Strap Correctly

You just spent a lot of money on a camera, and you're excited to use it. You throw the strap on, connect the lens, and you're good to go.  Wrong! Improperly securing your strap can result in a disastrous camera malfunction, as well as a few rips.

Here are the steps to correctly attach a camera strap:

  • Attach the plastic fastener right side up.
  • Thread the strap through the camera's tethering points from the outside in.
  • Pull the strap upwards from the center of the plastic clasp to create some slack. It should result in a huge loop.
  • Pass the strap's end through the retention piece and up the rear of the plastic fastener.
  • Pull both ends of the strap tightly to seal it in the fastener.
  • Lo and behold! You've attached a  strong strap that will keep your camera secure!

The majority of major camera brands provide straps with small folds at the end. These folds simulate the bends that will form when the camera tether points and plastic fasteners are correctly positioned.

Make sure to choose a strap that is comfy for you. The standard supplied straps function well but might be uncomfortable at times. Use a neoprene strap for heavy cameras or if you'll be shooting for a long time. This will be much softer and more flexible to use. You could also consider a hand strap to relieve strain.

How To Put a Strap on a Canon Camera

When it comes to a camera strap, a single wrong loop or thoughtless weaving choice could result in an expensive debacle. Save yourself from this mishap and ensure that your large, cumbersome camera is properly secured.

The strap mount eyelets of a Canon camera are positioned on the upper left and right corners of the camera. You need to fasten the left side of the strap to the left strap mount eyelet of the camera, and the right side to the right strap mount eyelet of the camera.

Here's how to put on a strap to your Canon camera:

  • Straighten the strap by loosening it first and passing the end through the buckle and strap keeper. Ensure that the strap keeper stays attached to the strap.
  • To attach the strap to the camera, insert the end of the strap through the strap mount eyelet.
  • Make sure the strap is threaded through the strap mount eyelet from the bottom. It's worth noting that the Canon logo is prominently displayed on the front of the strap.
  • Fold the strap over and thread it through the strap keeper.
  • The strap should then be threaded through the inside of the buckle.
  • Repeat the previous steps to remove the extra slack from the strap.
  • Pull the strap tightly to remove any slack and ensure that the strap does not come loose from the buckle.
  • Repeat the same process with the other strap to the other side of the strap mount eyelet.

How To Put a Nikon Camera Strap On

When it comes to a camera strap, a single wrong loop or thoughtless weaving choice could result in an expensive debacle. Save yourself from this mishap and ensure that your large, cumbersome camera is properly secured.

There are several reasons why you should use a Nikon strap. It's crucial to be able to snap photos easily and not have to worry about losing or breaking your camera in the process. Some would rather do without straps, however, using camera straps offer a sense of security. It's also handy since it makes you and your camera appear more professional.

While it may appear to be an inconsequential task, there is a proper way to fasten a strap to your camera.

Here's how to put a camera strap on a Nikon:

  • Take out the strap from your camera box or packaging.
  • Insert the end of your strap through one of the sides of your Nikon's strap mount eyelet and pull it through.
  • You might have to alter its position slightly by tugging on the end. This lets you secure the camera strap in place.
  • Once it's in position, you could tighten the strap with a pair of tweezers.
  • Follow the same steps for the other end of your camera strap.
  • Put on your camera with the strap now attached and double-check that it is properly positioned.
  • All done. Now you can wear and use your Nikon camera securely.

How To Put a Strap on a Polaroid Camera

Whether you're a pro or a newbie at picking up a camera, one simple debacle that many photographers struggle with is properly attaching a camera strap.

Here's how to attach a polaroid camera strap:

  • Ensure that your neck strap is facing the right direction. The strap buckle's visible top and bottom must be facing outward.
  • Insert the loose end of the strap through the camera's attachment point, which is normally a metal triangle or flat loop, with the strap facing toward the camera.
  • Insert the strap's loose end through the fastening collar that is attached to the strap.
  • Then, with adequate slack, put the upper half of the strap through the top section of the buckle.
  • This is the difficult part. Pull the loose end of the strap through the top end of the buckle, into the loop you just made. Pull the same loose end back downwards through the buckle's outer opening at the bottom.
  • Repeat the preceding steps for the other end of your strap. This way of connecting your strap to your camera assures that your camera is not just secure while hanging from your neck, but that you also get rid of loose strap dangling off the buckle.

Cameras are fairly heavy, and when you include the added weight of a lens and other accessories, you have quite a load hanging around your neck. If you want to keep your camera secure while also being comfortable while you use it, a camera strap is in your best interest.

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper grew up with a love of animals, which quickly turned into a love of photographing them. She shares her tips and tricks on photography, and hopes she can help you shortcut your expansion of a passion.

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