Count Down to Picture Perfect: How to Set Timer on the Sony a6400

Piper O'Shanassy02 Jan 2023

The Sony a6400 is an incredibly versatile camera, providing users with many useful features. One of the most important and underrated functions is setting custom timers on your device. This feature allows you to control exactly when you want the shutter to open or close, allowing for much more creative photography experiences than ever before. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to set timer on your Sony A6400 so that you can take advantage of all its capabilities!

Introduction to the Sony a6400

The Sony a6400 is a great camera for capturing high quality video and photos. It's able to capture stunning 4K resolution, so you can get amazing shots with excellent detail. To make the most out of your Sony a6400 experience, it’s important to learn how to set timer on this wonderful piece of technology. Setting up the timer helps keep track of when videos or pictures are being captured as well as other settings related tasks such as recording time limits. In this blog post we'll discuss exactly what you need to do in order to get your Sony A6400 ready for some serious picture taking!

Step-by-Step Guide to setting the timer on your Sony a6400

One of the most useful features on Sony's a6400 camera is its timer setting. You can use this to set an automatic delay before your camera takes a photo, allowing you to get in place for group shots or grab some scenery without having to keep pressing the shutter button at just the right moment. To make sure you're making full use of this feature, here's our step-by-step guide on how to set up and utilize the timer function on your Sony a6400.

First off, press “Menu” (or Fn) and select “Shoot Mode/Self Timer/Drive Mode". Using either left/right arrows or wheel control scroll until find "Self Timer" set it as desired - 5 seconds being default option with other options ranging from 2 seconds all way up too 10 minutes for time lapse photography workflows. After selecting preferred self timer duration click right arrow twice confirm selection by pressing center ok button done! Now when shutter release pressed camera will activate configured self room once cycle completes shot taken automatically!

Tips and Tricks for making the most out of your timer settings

When using your Sony a6400 camera, it's important to maximize the potential of its timer settings. Whether you're shooting in continuous or single shot mode, there are some helpful tips and tricks for making the most out of your a6400’s timer function. For starters, make sure that you always set up the appropriate exposure before taking photos with your timer enabled. Additionally, take advantage of bracketing so that you can ensure an optimal image outcome when capturing different exposures slightly changed over time intervals. Utilizing burst mode is also great for quickly snapping several shots at once rather than having to manually release them every few seconds – perfect for capturing images like sports teams! Finally consider keeping multiple timers running at one time if needed; this way allows each setting to be adjusted specifically while allowing more pictures taken within predetermined intervals indicating flexibility with timing on any given task without missing anything special captured by those split-second changes available only through quick shutter speeds.


In conclusion, the Sony a6400 offers some great timer options to help you get the perfect shot. Setting timers on the camera is relatively straightforward and easy to do once you know where all of its timer settings are located. With this guide as your reference, setting up timers for photos or videos should be no problem at all!

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper grew up with a love of animals, which quickly turned into a love of photographing them. She shares her tips and tricks on photography, and hopes she can help you shortcut your expansion of a passion.

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