Count Down to Perfection: Setting the Timer on your Nikon D6

Piper O'Shanassy02 Jan 2023

The Nikon D6 is a professional-grade camera that allows you to capture stunning photographs. With its advanced features and high level of control, it's no surprise that the Nikon D6 has become popular with photographers around the world. One key feature of this versatile device is its timer function – one that helps make shooting in difficult conditions much easier! In this article, we'll provide an introduction into how to set up and use your timer on the Nikon D6 for maximum efficiency and precision.

Overview of the Nikon D6

The Nikon D6 is a professional-level camera that has been designed with advance features to help you get the perfect shot. One of its key features is the ability to set an accurate timer on it, allowing photographers to capture those amazing shots without having to worry about manual adjustments or settings. To use this feature, simply select “Timer” from the menu and enter in how long you would like your timer duration before taking a photo—it's as easy as that! With precise timing capabilities at your fingertips, creating stunning photographs will become much easier every time you shoot.

Accessing the Timer Settings on the Nikon D6

The Nikon D6 is a powerful digital camera that allows photographers to access the timer settings quickly and easily. To get started, go to the Menu option on your Nikon D6 with the left arrow button. Scroll down until you see “Timer” near the bottom of this list and click OK again with your left arrow button Once inside this setting menu, there will be several options for delayed photography (2 sec., 5sec., 10sec & 20sc). Choose whichever time duration works best for you by pressing OK with either of your function buttons at top-right corner of back LCD panel. You also have an additional choice in terms 40 or 99 continuous shots allowing many photo opportunities without having to reset each shoot manually once finished!

Setting a Self-Timer for Single Shots

For beginner photographers, setting a self-timer on the Nikon D6 can be a great way to capture single shots without having someone else press the shutter release button. Thankfully, it’s easy to set up and use – here’s how! First of all, make sure your camera is in ‘shooting mode’ before you begin. Now take a look at your control dial and turn it until you find the timer setting icon which looks like two vertical lines with an arrow pointing downwards towards them. Once you see this icon then click down once and from there select either ten seconds or 2 second delay depending on what kind of shot you are trying to achieve (long exposure versus quick capture). Finally press OK when done and wait for 10/2 seconds until that glorious moment where your photo will finally appear!

Setting a Delayed Release for Continuous Shots

Capturing a sequence of continuous shots can be a great way to capture special moments or creative expressions. The Nikon D6 has the option to set up a delayed release feature so that photographers don’t have to manually press down on the shutter each time they want to take another shot in their series. To use this feature, users need only select "Multi-Shot Release Delay" from the menu and enter their desired timer value - ranging from 2 seconds all the way up until 30 seconds for those long sequences! With this function, there's no risk of missing any fleeting moment ever again!

Setting an Interval Timer

The Nikon D6 is a high-end digital camera that allows you to set an interval timer, allowing you to capture the perfect shot at just the right time. To do this, simply go into Menu settings and select "Interval Timer Shooting." From there enter in how frequently you'd like photos taken (every 30 seconds for example) as well as when it should start and end. You can also customize settings such as exposure or focus lock so your images come out perfect every time! Once everything is set up, then all that’s left to do is press shutter release button once and let the camera take care of business. With Nikon's intuitive system setting up an interval timer has never been easier!

Using the Timer in Other Modes

The Nikon D6 has an incredibly useful and unique feature - the ability to set a timer in other modes besides just taking photos. For example, you can use this timer when shooting video or when using your camera’s Live View mode. This gives you more control over how long each recording will last and makes it easy to schedule times for longer recordings without having to manually check on them every few minutes. To enable this feature on your Nikon D6, simply go into the settings menu and locate “Timer Usage.” Here, you can select which mode(s) you would like the Timer function enabled for – such as Single frames, Interval Recording/Still pictures only (this is great if capturing time-lapse videos) or Video Playback Max Duration setting among many others – then save your changes. Now that everything is setup properly all that's left is deciding what type of event fits best with what kind of timing!


In conclusion, setting the timer on your Nikon D6 isn't difficult at all. With a few basic steps and an understanding of how to use the different timer modes for specific needs, you can quickly set exactly what you need in order to get just the right exposures without over or underexposing your photographs. By following our tutorial above and using the Timer mode options effectively, it should be easier than ever to capture that perfect shot with complete accuracy every time!

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper grew up with a love of animals, which quickly turned into a love of photographing them. She shares her tips and tricks on photography, and hopes she can help you shortcut your expansion of a passion.

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