Unlocking the Sigma FP: Discover the Best Lenses for Your Camera

Piper O'Shanassy03 Jan 2023

The Sigma fp is an innovative digital mirrorless camera that offers ultra-high resolution and a wide range of creative features. It's compatible with many lenses, including full frame, APS-C size, Sony E mount and even Leica M mount lenses. Thanks to its lightweight design it can be used in any environment while providing sharp imagery regardless of the lens you choose to use. Whether you're shooting street photography or capturing stunning vistas on your next adventure this powerful tool will provide excellent results every time!

Overview of the Sigma fp Camera System

The Sigma fp camera system is an exciting new addition to the world of photography. It's lightweight and portable, making it perfect for shooting on-the-go. This unique design also means that its interchangeable lens mount lets you add a variety of lenses to create diverse images and capture different perspectives. Whether you're looking for wide angle or telephoto, prime or zoom lens options are available with this system, so there will be plenty of compatible models out there from reputable brands like Sigma itself as well as other third party manufacturers such as Tamron & Tokina. With these many choices in sizes and prices alike, adding the right lens can help maximize your use of the Sigma fp Camera System while giving you photos that look just how you envisioned them!

Types of Lenses Compatible with Sigma fp

The Sigma fp Camera System is compatible with a wide variety of lens types, allowing photographers to truly customize their shooting experience. Popular lenses include prime fixed focal length lenses such as the 35mm or 50mm F1.4 DG DN Art Lenses and zoom lenses like the 18-35mm F2.8 DC HSM ART Lens for those looking to cover more ground while maintaining quality image capture capabilities. Additionally, it can be used with almost any Sigma Contemporary lens that has been released since 2012 using an optional Mount Converter MC-21 adapter ring. With this range of options available, users will be well equipped to tackle projects both small and large without having deal compromises in terms of image quality or compatibility - no matter what type of photography they plan on doing!

Mounts Available for Sigma fp

The Sigma fp is a unique camera for its size and capability, with many features not offered in more bulky DSLRs. One great feature of the Sigma fp is that it offers various lens mounts—making it compatible with multiple lenses from different companies. The available mounts are EF-M mount (compatible with Canon EF-M autofocus lenses), L Mount (compatible with Leica, Panasonic and Sigma’s own range of ‘L’ dedicated full frame mirrorless lenses)and MFT mount (an MFT to hotshoe adaptor makes any Micro Four Thirds lens usable). With these options you can find almost anything to suit your photography needs on this small but mighty machine!

Comparing Sigma fp Lenses to Other Brands

When it comes to lens compatibility with the Sigma fp, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not lenses from other camera brands will be compatible. Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes! Despite being relatively new in terms of mirrorless cameras and rangefinder-style bodies, you can use almost any brand’s lenses that fit your mount on this remarkable little shooter without issue. Of course there are caveats - as each different manufacturer has their own unique system of designating lens mounts - so make sure you double check before putting an expensive piece of glass onto your beloved camera body just yet! However all in all this means more flexibility for users when choosing which type of lens they want to use for their particular shooting style , no matter what kind it may be.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lens for Your Sigma fp

When shopping for lenses to use with your Sigma fp camera body, it’s important to keep in mind compatibility and which lens will give you the best results. While most L-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras are compatible with all kinds of lenses from many different brands, some features may be limited by the shape of a specific brand's housing or mount size. Additionally, autofocus might not work correctly on certain older manual focus lenses when paired with Sigma fp bodies due to differences between focusing systems. If you're looking for ultimate convenience and access to cutting edge technology then make sure that whatever lens you choose is officially “Sigma Cine Lens Certified." However if budget or need forces compromise research first as there are plenty of options outside this certification scheme suitable for still photography but possibly less well suited professionally produced video footage capture.


In conclusion, the Sigma fp is an incredibly versatile and powerful camera that can easily be adapted to many different lenses. With its L-Mount system, it can accommodate almost any compatible lens made by a variety of manufacturers including Sigma, Panasonic, Leica and Canon. Whether you need a wide angle or telephoto lens for shooting landscapes or portraits respectively; prime lenses for manual focus shots; macro lenses for close up photography – the possibilities are endless with this amazing piece of equipment. Whatever your needs may be in terms of optics from your camera rig – rest assured that there will likely be a suitable option available when choosing what lenses are compatible with the Sigma fp.

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

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