Unlocking the Secrets of Flash: A Guide to Turning on and off the Leica SL2

Piper O'Shanassy01 Jan 2023

The Leica SL2 is a powerful mirrorless camera with an impressive set of features. One of those features is flash, which can provide added illumination when taking photos in low light or to add special effects. In this post, we'll walk through how to easily turn the flash on and off with your Leica SL2. We’ll also cover additional information related to using flash for photography so you have all the details necessary to get started!

Introduction to the Leica SL2

When it comes to photography, the Leica SL2 is a powerhouse of innovation and image quality. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out, this camera can take your images to the next level. One of its most useful features is the ability to toggle flash on and off easily with a single button press. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to turn on and off flash in the Leica SL2 so that you can get creative with your photos right away!

How to turn on and off flash on Leica SL2

The Leica SL2 allows you to take amazing photos in any lighting situation, and one of the best ways to do this is by taking advantage of its flash feature. Turning on and off your flash can be done quickly and easily with just a few steps. The first step is finding the “Flash” icon on your camera's LCD screen - it will look like a lightning bolt symbolizing that it’s time for some light! Once located, press down on the center button right next to where the Flash Icon appears in order to activate or deactivate it accordingly. By doing so, you can instantly adjust how much artificial light will be used when capturing an image—giving yourself control over everything from low-light settings all way up through super bright scenarios as well!

Using exposure compensation with flash

Using exposure compensation with flash on a Leica SL2 is an incredibly important skill for photographers of all levels. With the ability to adjust the brightness or strength of your flash output, you can easily create balanced exposures in any lighting scenario. By changing the amount of light your camera will use when filling in shadow areas, it allows you to get creative and control how much illumination ends up on an image. To access this feature while shooting with flash enabled, look into your menu settings under “Exposure Compensation” and make sure it set at zero (0). From here you can either increase (+) or decrease (-) by increments as small as 1/3rd F-Stops for more precise changes if desired. Once adjusted accordingly save those settings so that each time using flashed no further manual adjustments have to be made!

Understanding light levels and flash settings

Understanding light levels and flash settings on the Leica SL2 is essential when shooting photographs. Flash can make all the difference in a photo, so it’s important to know how to turn it on and off accordingly. To turn your flash on or off with this camera, start by setting your mode dial to either A (aperture priority) or S (shutter speed). From there you will find a lightning symbol displayed at the top for easy access; press that button once more if you wish to activate/deactivate your flash from its current status. The biggest advantage of controlling your own light sources is that you are able to manage exposure correctly based upon surrounding conditions in any given situation – something which really pays-off every time!

Capturing motion with flash

Capturing motion with flash is a great way to add drama and depth to any photograph. However, it can be difficult to pull off without the right equipment. The Leica SL2 has an in-built pop up flash that makes capturing high quality photos of moving subjects easier than ever before! With just a few simple steps you will be able to turn your flash on or off depending on the situation. To get started, first locate the Flash Button located near the top left side of your camera body; press this button once for manual control over when you wish for your camera's internal flash unit too illuminate or darken your surroundings respectively. Autoflash mode automatically triggers based upon ambient light levels detected by this incredibly versatile mirrorless DSLR – making perfect exposures possible even when shooting action packed scenes like sports games and dance recitals!


In conclusion, the Leica SL2 has a wealth of features for capturing motion and stunning still images. Learning how to turn on and off flash on this camera is an essential skill for photographers looking to achieve high-quality results. With its simple interface, anyone can start taking advantage of all that the Leica SL2 offers with ease! Whether you're shooting portraiture or events, it's worth familiarizing yourself with these controls so you can make use of them when necessary – even if just in emergencies! Thanks to technology like this, moments big and small will be able to live forever through our photos.

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper grew up with a love of animals, which quickly turned into a love of photographing them. She shares her tips and tricks on photography, and hopes she can help you shortcut your expansion of a passion.

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