Unlock the Power of Timelapse: How to Set Timer on Nikon D5

Piper O'Shanassy02 Jan 2023

If you’re new to digital photography, setting a timer on Nikon D5 can be intimidating. Knowing the basics of how to time shots with your camera will ensure that you get perfectly timed photos in any situation. The Nikon D5 has plenty of great features for both experienced and beginner photographers alike; its built-in timer is one of them! This guide will introduce you to the simple steps needed to set up your own custom timer so that all your shutter clicks are perfectly synchronized as never before.

Introduction to Nikon D5

The Nikon D5 is a powerful DSLR camera that offers the latest in photographic features, allowing you to take beautiful shots and videos. One of the most useful features on this model is its ability to set a timer for either your shutter or video recording. To access this setting, simply press the "Menu" button at the back of your camera then scroll down until you reach "Timer". From there you can set up how long it will count down before taking pictures or starting/stopping recording. Setting timers makes capturing images and videos easier as they don't require continuous input from yourself - great if snapping night time photos or trying out some creative lighting effects!

How to set the timer on Nikon D5

Setting the timer on your Nikon D5 can be a great way to get creative with photography and make sure you capture moments of time. To set the timer, first select the “Timer” option at the top right of the camera's LCD display menu. You will then have several options available to choose from: self-timer delay start (2s or 10s), interval timer recording, number of shots selected (up to 9999) and more. The intervals between each shot are adjustable by either seconds, hours or days as per your preference. Once all settings have been chosen hit OK button to begin capturing images in intervals automatically according to how you set it up!

Using the self-timer and the remote control

Learning how to use the self-timer and remote control for your Nikon D5 can be a great way to take beautiful photos without having someone else press the shutter button. Using these tools, you will be able to set up long-exposure shots or group images with ease. The self timer has several settings which allow you to choose from 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 2 minutes of delay between pressing the shutter release button and when image takes place while remotely triggering is performed by connecting an optional wireless remote controller through Bluetooth where available. To get started setting your own timer on a Nikon D5 camera, first select “lamp” mode in Setup Menu 1 then proceed onto Timer/Remote Control submenu where all settings are adjusted accordingly such as time-delay length (10s/20s) or Interval Timing Settings (frame rate). If using Remote Control Shutter Release Mode make sure that it's enabled under Shooting Menu 4->Control -–> Remote Control Sub menu before taking any pictures.

Setting the timer for multiple exposures

Setting the timer for multiple exposures on your Nikon D5 camera is easy to do. To start, access the “Exposure” menu and select “Multiple Exposures” option. You will then be presented with a settings list that allows you to choose an exposure number, as well as how many shots should make up each frame of the multiple exposure sequence. Once these settings have been made, use either the self-timer or remote control feature of your camera in order to take photos at timed intervals - simply set it up so that each time one shot has been taken during this interval, another photo would be triggered automatically until all desired frames are taken! This way you can get creative by combining different exposures into one image easily and quickly from a distance without having to press any buttons manually while shooting.

Using the intervalometer for time-lapse photography

The Nikon D5 offers an invaluable tool for time-lapse photography: the intervalometer. This device, also known as a timer remote control, allows you to set exposure intervals and shutter speeds for multiple exposures over long periods of time. With this device, capturing stunningly creative images has never been easier! To begin using your intervalometer with the Nikon D5 simply plug it in to its USB port located on the camera's left side. From here you can use your menu system controls to customize settings including exposure times and frames per second (fps). Once configured correctly hit start and watch as beautiful time lapses unfold before your very eyes! Get inspired by challenging yourself with different shooting angles or rapidly changing light sources—the possibilities are endless!


When it comes to setting a timer on your Nikon D5, the options are seemingly endless. By using an intervalometer like the ones mentioned previously in this post, you can easily create time-lapse photography with any model of camera using simple settings and commands. Also take into account if there is anything else connected to your D5 that needs factoring into the timer such as external flashes or wireless triggers. Once all these factors have been taken care of, adjusting the timer settings becomes much more straightforward and easy for even beginners who may be trying out their brand new cameras for the first time!

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

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