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Piper O'Shanassy06 Jan 2023

Changing the aperture on a Sony A6400 camera is a fundamental skill for any budding photographer. The aperture of your camera determines how much light passes through and in turn affects things like depth of field, motion blur and overall exposure. F-stops are used to adjust the size of your aperture and with practice you can capture amazing shots despite difficult lighting conditions! It's worth reading up about f-stop values so that you understand what works best for certain situations but after learning it, changing the aperture will be second nature.

Overview of the Sony a6400 Camera

The Sony a6400 is an impressive camera that offers photographers excellent quality and performance. One of the best features it has to offer is its ability to change aperture in order to get different depths-of-field when shooting photos or videos. In this blog post, we will provide you with a quick overview on how to adjust the aperture setting on your Sony a6400 camera for great results every time! First off, make sure your lens's focus mode switch (usually situated near the lens mount) is set at AF/MF - Auto Focus / Manual Focus. Next, navigate through the menu display options until you find “Aperture Setting” from there open up this option by clicking onto it and select a value between F1:8 - F22 depending upon desired depth-of field effect wanted. Now press shutter halfway down then rotate control wheel slightly till desired result achieved – adjusting both Aperture & Shutter Speed if necessary too before taking photo! With some practice you should be able two master changing aperture settings quickly and easily so don't forget have fun practicing with your new Nikon D5300 Camera today!

How to Change Aperture Manually

Changing the aperture on your Sony a6400 is essential for creating quality photos, as well as achieving different effects. To adjust the aperture manually, first make sure you are in manual or Aperture Priority mode. Once there, select one of the "F" settings (e.g., F2) located near your lens opening with either a wheel or button depending on which camera body model you have—this will allow you to dial up and down an f-stop value like F4, F5.6 etc.. With that being said, it’s important to note that this setting works more effectively when shooting stationary objects such as landscapes because though larger lenses can counterbalance some camera movement they cannot eliminate all types of shake entirely; so always remember if possible try using a tripod to avoid image blur due to motion while changing your aperture values!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Changing Aperture Manually

When it comes to taking better pictures, controlling aperture manually can be a great advantage. Changing the aperture on your Sony a6400 is easy and gives you greater control over the depth of field in your photos. The advantages of changing the aperture manually are that you can create more dramatic effects with different backgrounds, blur part or all of an image for added impact, as well as letting in more light into certain parts of a shot than other areas. However, there are also substantial disadvantages to using manual controls that should not be overlooked if you're looking for quality photographs; camera shake increases when shooting at lower shutter speeds which could cause images to look blurry due to camera movement during exposure and difficult lighting scenarios may require extra time spent fiddling with settings before achieving desirable results. By understanding both the advantages and disadvantages associated with changing the Aperture on your Sony A6400 Camera Manually, photographers have increased opportunities in creating stunning visuals capturing moments just like professionals do!

Tips for Adjusting Aperture on the a6400

Adjusting the aperture on Sony's a6400 is easy and straightforward. First, locate the control dial or wheel that adjusts your camera’s exposure settings. The most common controls are located near the shutter button, but depending on which model of a6400 you have this could be varied. Once you have identified your correct adjustment control, simply turn it to make adjustments to your aperture setting by rotating in either direction for lower/higher values respectively. Additionally, if desired there are also other options available such as using command wheels or pressing buttons to adjust certain aspects of focusing and depth-of-field manually (as well). Finally - remember: even slight changes can result in drastically different pictures! Experiment with combinations until you find one that fits best for each specific shot!


In conclusion, learning how to change aperture on the Sony a6400 is an important skill for any photographer. Understanding how this setting works can help you create beautiful photos with depth of field and bokeh effects that would otherwise be impossible. With practice and experimentation, you'll soon become an expert in controlling your camera's settings to capture the perfect shot!

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper grew up with a love of animals, which quickly turned into a love of photographing them. She shares her tips and tricks on photography, and hopes she can help you shortcut your expansion of a passion.

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