Get Ready for 2021 - The 10 Best Sony a6600 Accessories

Piper O'Shanassy10 Jan 2023

The Sony a6600 is an advanced APS-C mirrorless camera that boasts superior image and video quality, as well as powerful features. This makes it ideal for photographers who need the highest level of performance from their cameras. To get the most out of your Sony a6600, you'll want to have some essential accessories on hand which can help take your pictures even further and also make sure you're comfortable while shooting. In this blog post we'll cover what we believe are some of the best accessories available for this versatile camera - so let's dive right in!

Must-have Accessories for the Sony a6600

When it comes to cameras, the Sony a6600 is one of the top choices for photographers. Whatever your photographic needs may be, this camera has you covered. To maximize its potential and stay ahead of the game though, consider investing in some must-have accessories that will help make photography easier and more enjoyable than ever before! From an external microphone to extra batteries or memory cards - here are our favorite picks for making sure you get out there with everything you need when shooting with your Sony a6600.

The Best Lens for the Sony a6600

When it comes to lenses for the Sony a6600 camera, one of the best options out there is the FE 28-60mm F4–5.6 lens from Sony. This lens offers a versatile focal range and superior image quality in both stills and video shooting modes. The autofocus system is fast, reliable, quiet and accurate in all lighting conditions – making it perfect for everything from portraiture to sports photography. With its lightweight construction, this premium zoom also provides great stabilization when using handheld shots or working with low light situations such as dusk or dawn scenarios. Whether you’re looking for stunning wide angle panoramas or close up telephoto captures, this top pick will not disappoint!

The Best Batteries and Battery Grips for the Sony a6600

When it comes to the Sony a6600, finding the best batteries and battery grips is essential for getting optimal performance from your camera. The standard NP-FZ100 lithium-ion rechargeable battery that comes with this model has an impressive 2200 mAh capacity, but if you’re looking for extended shooting time, investing in some higher capacity backup batteries can be beneficial. Battery Grips are also great additions as they allow you to attach more than one battery at once, doubling or even tripling your shooting time before needing to switch out power sources. Plus many feature additional buttons and controls which make them easier to use while taking photos or recording video! Finding quality accessories such as high powered batteries and ergonomic Battery Grips will help ensure better results when using your Sony a6600 camera system!

Top Tripods and Stabilizers for the Sony a6600

When it comes to capturing stunning images and videos, having the right equipment is essential. For Sony a6600 users, investing in quality tripods and stabilizers can make all the difference when shooting footage or taking pictures – especially if you’re interested in getting creative with your shots. Tripods and stabilizers provide stability that allows for precise control over framing, composition, zoom/focus adjustments – all resulting in higher-quality content. If you're looking for top tripods and stabilizers for your Sony a6600 camera then look no further; these are some of our favorites: Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro Aluminum 3 Section Tripod Legs with Q90 Column Head; Joby GorillaPod 5K Professional Kit Stand & Ballhead X bundle tripod kit - perfect for vlogging; ZOMEI Z888C Carbon Fiber Portable Traveler Tripod Camera Monopod Kits Ball Head Quick Release Plate Max Load 15kgs (33 lbs); Benro Slim Aluminium Video System S6 DSLR Stabilizer Baseplate Kit W/ Follow Focus RFS2V1B Perfect Fit ; GEEKOTO 77"tripod Stay sturdy while using its 4-way head design which easily adjusts from portrait mode to landscape orientation! No matter what type of photography or videography you do, upgrading your tripod will get better results every time.

Essential Filters and Hoods for the Sony a6600

Filters and hoods are essential accessories for maximizing the potential of any camera, especially when it comes to the Sony a6600. In order to truly get the most out of this advanced interchangeable lens camera system, investing in good quality filters and hoods is an absolute must. Filters can help protect your images from various elements like dust, moisture or skyglow while also helping you take some memorable photographs with unique effects such as starbursting or softening. On top of that they come in various sizes depending on what lens you are using so make sure to pick up one that fits perfectly! Hoods on their part act as rain covers but can also serve other useful functions like protecting against flares caused by bright light sources. With all these benefits combined together investing into high-quality filters and hood could be a great addition for anyone looking to use their Sony a6600!

Best Cases and Straps for the Sony a6600

If you are looking for the best cases and straps to carry your Sony a6600, there is no shortage of options. Many different brands offer camera bags and carrying cases that provide protection while also allowing easy access to your gear. Straps come in various shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose one that provides the right balance between comfort and function. With many manufacturers offering straps made specifically for this model of camera, finding the perfect fit should be relatively simple. When shopping around make sure you look through reviews from verified buyers before making a purchase; they will often give invaluable insight into how well each case or strap holds up over time!


In conclusion, owning the Sony a6600 camera can be an incredibly rewarding experience with all of its features and capabilities. To make your overall photography journey easier, it's important to invest in some quality accessories that will help you capture unforgettable moments without any problems. From cameras bags to extra batteries and lens filters, every accessory plays an essential role in making sure your photos come out perfect each time. With the right equipment on hand at anytime, no moment is too great or small for capturing amazing memories!

Piper O'Shanassy

Piper O'Shanassy

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